11 March 2013

Use Your Own Space to Create a Personal Yoga Retreat

For me, there's nothing like a nice relaxing session of yoga to get my day started or to unwind at the end of the night, but sometimes, the cold weather gets in the way of going to a yoga class, which gets in the way of relaxation.  

Lately, I've been thinking of ways to incorporate a yoga practice into my lifestyle so I can get the benefits of yoga even when I don 't make it to the gym, and that's got me thinking about creating a yoga space of my own. 


Most of us don't have a full studio or yoga room in our home, but can make use of an extra room or  an unused space to serve as our own personal yoga space.

A big open space, like a garage or a spare room, is great for yoga.  With a little effort any space can be your yoga space, even a small one. While it's important to choose a spot that is uncluttered and free of any distractions, all you really need is a mat. You can practice moves you learned in class for increased benefits, exploring your own body on a more personal level by tailoring the yoga routines to your own needs, or you can use an instructional DVD and YouTube videos if you're unsure of how to begin a practice and need a little inspiration.

While you may not get the same structure that you get from attending a studio yoga class, you will have the benefit of being able to practice yoga whenever you need, along with having the benefit of  a practice that is solitary and personal, which may be even more enjoyable.

An extra room can be transformed into a place for yoga practice with the addition of therapuetic scents, yoga accessories (such as yoga blocks and eco-friendly mats), and calming music; making it an easy way to incorporate a little tranquility into your daily life. 


rob said...

would love to have one of those oceanside views to do some vinyasa in! Guess i just need to keep my eyes closed more and my mind open during my practice :)

ecobabe said...

My loft studio was a yoga studio before the space was converted to loft living. The feeling here is serene, with good energy thanks to the good vibes that yoga instills on a space.

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