21 January 2013

What to Wear This Valentine's Day

For the person who's looking for something different, clothing with subtle hearts can feel holiday appropriate and be worn year-round:

Photo from ModCloth.com

For those into trendier, bolder looks, something in fuchia will set you apart from the crowd:

Fushcia-dn't Have Dress
Photo from ModCloth.com

For a laid back nod to the season, a Valentine's themed screen tee requires minimal effort but is still fun:

Photo from Etsy.com

For those who don't love Valentine's Day, there are fashionable tee's to spread your message as well:

Broken Heart T-Shirt
Photo from cafepress.com
For those who prefer to be subtle, small accessories make their own statement: 

Heart Ring
Photo from freepeople.com

For the girl who wants to look feminine and stylish, a pink dress in a flattering cut is perfect:

Photo from lyst.com

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