15 October 2012

Chic Chalkboard Wall Hanging You Can Make On The Cheap

In planning dorm room decorations for my senior year at college, I wanted to keep it sparse so that end of the year packing and clean-up would be a breeze.  In my attempts at minimalism, I overlooked the fact that an undecorated dorm room can be quite ugly on the eyes; not at all a good environment for a creative and crafty person like me. 


Not wanting to spend a lot of money and not wanting to create a lot of extra clutter, I decided that my goal would be to create some cheap and easy decor from the things I have in my room already or things found.
Using just paper scraps, old cardboard, chalk and tape, I created a cute Chalkboard-Inspired wall hanging that ads a personal touch to my boring white wall above my desk; a simple project that can be done by anyone looking for a cheap update or to create some decoration in a temporary space.
Here's how you can make your own:

1.  Find a scrap of paper, newspaper, or cheap poster board to create the backing.  I used a square of paper leftover from another project. 

2.  Cut cardboard into  inch wide or two inch wide strips to use for the border of the frame. 
3.  Cut the ends of cardboard strips diagonally so that two strips can connect to form corners. 

4. Tape the cardboard strips to the outer edge of the paper square to frame the square. 

5.  Match the strips together at the corners. 
 6.  Continue placing strips around the edge of the paper until you have created a full frame.


7. Use excess cardboard to cut out small heart shapes, which can be used to decorate the frame. 

8.  Place hearts on corners or anywhere that needs a bit of sprucing up. 


9.  Use chalk to write an inspirational quote, to-do list, or goal board. 


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