23 February 2011

I See London, I See Fall 2011 Fashion Preview

Kate and William, move over! London may be where you are setting up for your royal wedding, but London has taken on a whole new responsibility come this fall.
During a successful weekend at “Moda Manhattan” in New York City, Jonäno debuted a sample of what is to come for their fall 2011 collection, respectively titled London.

As is every line, the name of the line comes from some social reference that designer, Bonnie Siefers, deems appropriate for that moment. What better to call a line than arguably the most talked about city this year?
Even a few of the items are named after popular references including a trouser named “Amelia” after Amelia Earhart, because of its aviator style design. The soon-to-be princess even is the namesake for an organic cotton velvet and veggie tanned leather skirt, symbolizing the one that Kate wore when she met her prince.

The line takes what they are known for, organic and eco-friendly material including organic wool blends, veggie tanned leather, and more, and elevates it to high extremes by incorporating bold prints, daring cuts, and a flare of vintage appeal.

The color pallet varies, with a lot of soft blacks and glacier grays and a few pieces available in amethyst purple and indigo blue to add a pop.
There are some early favorites that stand out, most which are made from chenille lace. This alternative to regular lace has a softer feel, guaranteed to combat the roughness that lace can leave on the skin. One of the many more risqué pieces is a body suit made from the material, which is guaranteed to turn heads.

It seems as if the material, wild peace silk, is the standout in the line. Pants, skirts, tops and dresses all have a few that are designed from the silk which is naturally derived as opposed to commercial silk.
For any eco-friendly lover, the collection will not disappoint. I believe it to be a collection that represents a new turn for Jonäno, one that will attract new clients and please the existing ones.

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