11 August 2010

Bold Frames

Summer may inevitably be coming to an end, but it’s not too late to hold on to every drop of that beautiful summer sun with iWood designer sunglasses. These fantastic wooden framed, eco-chic shades are enough to make anyone want another month of summer.

iWood design company is a fantastic luxury brand that makes sunglasses with all wooden frames. All the frames are hand crafted and created from reclaimed wood. The materials used to make each pair are taken from wood used to decorate the interior of private luxury jets. All of the materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and acquired using sustainable methods. Also, the glues and coating used to make the glasses are formaldehyde free and do not emit VOC’s. Lastly, the iWood headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky and all of the pieces are handmade locally in the Midwest.

The company strives to achieve the perfect union between fashion and function. Stephen McMenamin, founder and CEO of iWood designs came up with idea after experiencing consistent problems with the fit in his plastic designer sunglasses. McMenamin stared the iWood brand finally after 20 years in the luxury market with companies like Lacoste, Hickory Feeman, and Porsche designs. With all this experience with luxury products the glasses were bound to be a hit.

Aside from being completely eco-friendly, all of the glasses are unique and stylish. Each frame shape is inspired by classic sunglass silhouettes, or by silhouettes popularized by the fashion icons of today. The thick blocky frames are quirky and bold, bound to stand out on the beach without being too showy. These wooden glasses are fashion forward yet subtle, and are the perfect accessory for any summer outfit. Also, the glasses have been featured in all the fashion magazines from Anthropologie to Vogue.

Hold on to the remaining days of summer with these great shades. An accessory this cute, will last well into the chilly months to come too.

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