04 March 2010

Jonäno merges eco with chic cosmopolitan at NY Fashion Week

Jonäno debuted their first collection in collaboration with award-winning Design Director, Henry N Jackson, at New York Fashion Week this season. Jonäno’s signature eco fabrics and attention to sustainable and ethical practices combined with Mr. Jackson’s eye for sophisticated yet feminine design came together beautifully in a fall collection comprising signature ecoKashmere® knits and viscose from bamboo cocktail dresses, hemp denim and organic cotton herringbone ensembles in a collection that was inspired by the culture rich city of Vienna. M A Orito, Artist and Crafts person designed the jewelry pieces that accompanied the looks on the catwalk. Tones of heather gray mélange combined with mauve and pops of deep red rich indigo, complimenting the neutral palate Fashion Week goers saw at shows across the city.

Mr. Jackson yields from the world of couture and high fashion, dressing celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, and Whoopi Goldberg for the red carpet in his designs. Coming on board with Jonäno as Design Director represents a new project for Jackson, resulting in a ready to wear line that all involved hope will “take green mainstream.”

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Ly said...

Wow. Good job Jonäno for bringing eco fabrics into mainstream fashion. Love your blog. =) "Take green mainstream!" - www.thehotlovemovement.com