21 June 2009

Summer Hair Care: Eco-Friendly

Take Care of Your Hair This Summer
Since I had been patiently waiting in anticipation for weeks, I was almost happy when my antique blow dryer finally gave out. Instantaneously, I was browsing through the almost infinite number of options online and happened upon the Ceramic ECO 8000 Blow Dryer, created by Barbar. To my surprise, Barbar was promoting the blow dryer's eco-friendly aspects. Although a blow dryer's sole function is to better the appearance of all of our marvelous hair, think about the millions of woman who use one everyday in their normal routine! This blow dryer's low wattage can help reduce our carbon footprint and make you ladies feel a little more eco-friendly. I personally enjoyed the extra long cord, which gave me more freedom to multitask in the morning.
Also you might want to take a second glance at Olivia Garden's Ionic Massage Brush Collection. Not only are they made up of natural bamboo and naturally antibacterial, but they also stimulate hair growth by activiating blood cell circulation on your scalp. What more could you ask of hairbrush? To see more, please visit http://www.oliviagarden.com/healthyhairbrushes.htm

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