11 May 2009

Green is Sexy!

Known and loved for her roles in Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers as well as MTV Movie Awards 'Best Kiss' in The Notebook, Rachel McAdams is calling on all leading ladies to go green with underwear ... bamboo underwear.  

Bamboo is renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and the fabric is also incredibly silky soft.  But the benefits don't stop there. Read on, underwear wearers.  

The tiny gaps and holes in bamboo fiber promote better moisture absorption and ventilation. “Bamboo kun,” a unique anti-bacterial agent found in bamboo fiber possesses natural functions of anti-bacteria and deodorization. And unlike cotton, bamboo fiber products will not grow fungus even if left in moist conditions, leaving it with a fresh smell.  And that's probably more than any of us want to share when we're shopping for underwear, so just keep in mind that bamboo fabrics are sustainable, renewable, breathable, naturally antimicrobial and super silky soft. 

Wear bamboo with confidence, knowing that you not only look and feel good, but are also doing good.  And that is SEXY.

Visit www.GreenIsSexy.org for everyday tips for green living. Visit www.jonano.com for green and sexy things to wear over your underwear.

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