18 February 2007

Bel Esprit - Big Apple’s eco Chic Runway

Reuse Recycle Runway? That’s just what Mondo Bello has in store for NYC at the Hilton Towers this coming fall at Bel Esprit’s l cruelty free fashion show and trade event ---

A must for anyone who craves sustainable style – like me, Bel Esprit, the virtual fashion designer showroom, invites designers -and Christmas shoppers with an ethical point of view to participate in a trade show and retail shopping event created for us!

Mondo Bello, the trade show for ethical, ecological, cruelty-free and fair trade fashion is set to debut in New York City, September 15-18, 2007 at the Hilton Hotel and Towers. This show runs concurrently with Bel Esprit Presents , the trade show for emerging designers – and is open to shoppers on the last day – hazzah!

To promote the principles of ethical fashion worldwide, Bel Esprit is partnering with The Ethical Fashion Show® in Paris, France, offering exhibit opportunities for designers at both shows. The Ethical Fashion Show® will present the ethical collections of French designers in New York, and exhibitors at the New York show are welcome to participate in the Paris venue in a Bel Esprit exhibit.

The September trade shows will mark the launch of the new eboutique in the Bel Esprit showroom. “Love at First Sight” offers designer items to retailers for immediate purchase and delivery. Designers sell first quality overstock, samples, limited editions or one-of-a-kind pieces. Retailers fill in their inventory between buying trips and try new collections and items in their stores before committing to a formal order. The Bel Esprit Buyer Rewards Program awards retailers with 2% of the merchandise total of orders placed through Bel Esprit, paid from the sales commission charged. Retailers accumulate dollars in their account which they can use to order new collections or purchase items in the eboutique.

Because it is vital to a designer’s success that consumers discover their collection, the final day of the four day trade show will be open to the public. Designers can meet their public and introduce their line, and sell items at retail if they wish. Buyers are also welcome to attend the open event to purchase immediate items for the stores. This event will also launch the Bel Esprit consumer site, where designers may present their collections to the public, list their retail partners, and offer special sales of merchandise.

The Bel Esprit showroom and services are open to designers regardless of where they exhibit. Bel Esprit markets and sells collections on behalf of all members of the showroom, and promotes the members’ exhibits at any trade show worldwide, whether or not they participate in Bel Esprit sponsored events.

Designers interested in participating in Mondo Bello are invited to visit the show website for application information. Designers can discover more regarding membership in the showroom and the services offered by Bel Esprit by visiting “Designer Services”.


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